Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bloom Box - Advances in fuel cell technology

We are living in a really exciting time. Almost every day I see news about a new development in cleaner greener energy. Be it solar panels on the verge of becoming cheaper than coal power thanks to mega solar panel factories in China, advances in fusion research that gives scientists the confidence to predict we will have fusion power in the foreseeable future, or today I spotted this 60 minutes episode about advances in fuel cell technology. 

Fuel cell technology has been around for a long time, but the rare metals used to make it work have put it out of reach for most applications. Bloom Box claim to have developed a fuel cell technology that will be a fraction the price of conventional fuel cells. They are saying their technology is versatile and can run on many different fuels. 

This could prove to be a very good way to turn methane from excrement into electricity. In poorer countries there are organizations teaching people how to built toilets and capture the methane for cooking purposes. One day we may do away with sewage in our homes and instead trap the waste, generate methane from it which we turn into electricity using bloom boxes to power our homes. 

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